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Quantum Healing & shamans knowledge.

What the indigenous people have still deeply lived: human beings lives in more than the well-known 3-dimensional world and are surrounded by forces acting on both the individual and the collective.

For most indigenous peoples is (and was) the use of "nature spirits / forces / ancestors" an everyday experience.

A healing process was always a holistic action. And in addition to a use of medicinal herbs practiced by an experienced shaman rituals for "expulsion" of the ill or evil spirits were always an important and - THE actually healing part of a recovery.

The well-known from the Bible "scapegoat" was - loaded with the "sins" of the people - driven into the desert. This is ancient knowledge of mankind. It can be expressed as follows:
Psycho-hygiene is the foundation for healing.


In our many years of experience, we have seen time and again what a profound impact a shamanic rejection of "foreign energy" with the modern methods of quantum knowledge has.
Of course we use our application form no rams more ... (even for welfare reasons) - and a desert, we have not even available.

From our statistical analysis of hundreds of successful "Dismissal" of so-called "occupation entities" can be stated:
If a person has once been placed under general anesthesia, the probability of occupation is much higher than 75%!


The complex structure: HOW can happen and WHAT happens to the person in question is to be discussed at this point only vaguely. It is clear that an otherwise stable shield during general anesthesia simply collapses. "The door is open ..."


Our tentative theory: anesthesia are performed mainly in hospitals. And there "haunt" just died entities / souls - often without awareness of one's own physical death. People with psychic abilities have been repeatedly confirmed. But for orthodox medicine it remains inscrutable.

This assumption provided as possible, it is not at all illogical that this (confused?) "Souls" of course use a good opportunity to engage in a physical body - and a defenseless anesthetized body lends itself to this positively.

It can be observed in almost all cases in a greater or less severity: The unsuspecting person woke up from the anesthesia begins to suffer entirely new symptoms - both physically and mentally. The invading entities start from now on to live out their own resonances. They transfer their unresolved conflicts on the host. With all the unpleasant consequences for the "host".

It looks like a miracle that these symptoms often disappear after a few weeks and sometimes only days after the exemption was made entirely.

All just a placebo effect? Anyway: a methodical approach obviously leads to results. Own opinion about the WHY is up to you.
Another major field of occupations happens after our analyzes on a different level than by loss of the body's protective shield by a general anesthetic.

Visit of the "ancestors"
According to our evaluations. It sometimes happens in early childhood, we are visited in phases of deep despair from our ancestors - in benevolent and supportive intent. However, those then have no way to leave the grown-up "host" again. Sometimes groups of families frolicking in one person - with all been said side effects. (Why this is so, we do not know at the time ..)

    In our Christian culture of the West, this led to a strange demonization and fear possessed exorcism atrocities.
Apparently, special meditation techniques can help open the "gate guard" and serve as an invitation for various entities of all superlative level.

In such cases, the classical approach of psychotherapy is simply going in circles. A real healing effect can not occur. And as a last resort then hard drugs are used. - And only a symptom-attenuating medication.

What was practiced in a natural way among many primitive peoples as shamanic healing could, from the orthodox medical view so not acceptable. - Not even begin to. A great pity. Why do not we learn from the experience of thousands of years of indigenous peoples and implement them in a timely manner?

Parasitic loads exist after the world of conventional medicine best of bacteria and microorganisms, but by no means is an energetic interaction / influence transpersonal nature considered.

Is that a sufficient scientific approach, one wonders? Interestingly, increasing as well in our culture, the voices that indicate similar unusual phenomena. - And there are thousands of examples of this (some even well researched) as: Logurgie in the Philippines, precognition, telepathy (which is under the heading of "Remote Viewing" even investigated by the U.S. and Russian military and used)

The ordinary citizens are denied these facts. - And often on the media tray like "Look how ridiculous ..." served.
Well, these lines are not conducive to a philosophical standpoint, but have a very pragmatic background.

Forgotten psycho-hygiene.

It has become normal for us to keep the body clean and possibly combat invading bacteria, viruses or fungi adequately. To conduct general hygienic precautions. What the indigenous people still knew that a "cleansing" in psycho-spiritual field as comprehensive hygiene is not "crazy" or abnormal - it is quite simply part of the complex system "man," that is more than an external appearance.


Well - we're not a natural shaman people. We practice from knowledge of modern quantum physics and use this with special methods, as for decades already in Bio Balance technology is applied.

"Energy follows information. Matter follows energy"

- This could be called the short formula. Our methodology is derived from quantum-physical knowledge, and combines with the principles of shamanic approach in a new form.

The basic orientation is comparable to shamanic approach:
• Stabilization of the "SELF-field"
• Parallel Recovery / removal of external entities
• Sealing = seeking to prevent the return

external entities (in rare cases up to 10 in one person!) Are routed to their respective the appropriate range / dimension. And subsequent sealing of 90% prevents a "return", which can happen when specific resonances were installed.

An approximately 12-months' follow-up "in the form of the self-field stabilization is strongly recommended!

After a release: Depending on the level of the previous impairment (external entities are energy "robbers") are the following weeks differently.
Some people experience an immediate emotional and / or mental relief. very often "disappear" physical symptoms after a short time - but it can also be that no significant difference is noticed when the loads only minor "dramatizations" triggered.

But always a new beginning is seen with grown personal strength.
As mentioned: this program is worked successfully for many years. Feasible For some time now within a personal distant treatment with a photograph.
Members in our special club can expect that this action is unique. The response for a return is withdrawn by the daily entered data. But should happen a general anesthetic in retrospect for any reason whatsoever, an aftercheck is recommended.




 "Where is my energy remained" more and more people complain these days. "I feel listless, lethargic and torn ..."

For us, it's always nice if after deliverance for lots of people of enormous power and vitality return.

Foreign entities are, after all (even) energy and vitality robber ...

Tell us of your experience, about 3 -4 weeks - we look forward to!


And please remember that this measure is a one time thing for the majority!

As mentioned, we consider a limited quota-free week from German speaking countries, which is managed by our experienced team.

Each order is double checked and followed up.

To give you an opportunity to learn in advance already, WHETHER there is a burden of foreign entities in your own case, it is possible to book a short history (Level 1) Our response is then a simple "YES" or " NO "plus an indication in% if an impairment of the life energy is achieved. You can trust that you will get an honest answer.

This service costs only € 20, - (passport photo, please send it via email)

Level 2: Average required to perform a deliverance is 3 - 4 hours and requires a certain effort. We need to pass a personal photo (via email), which is possibly used later for the membership of CLUB, if you so desire. This service costs € 195, -

If our weekly quota is full, we ask your order into a waiting list - the processing of this list is based strictly on the number of payments.

A request: lack of time, we can not answer any questions always immediately - please be patient. Even if you have booked a diversion - we will get made AFTER the remote treatment. Even if the time should take some time. With an answer for level 1 (short-history / pre-check), you can expect a few days.

Service Rates (per person)

Stage 1: Short-history (pre-check) € 20, -

Stage 2: deliverance remote treatment

                 (after pre-check) € 195, -

 Find the PayPal button at the sidebar.  "Kurz-Anamnese" means Stage 1 and "Ausleitung" means Stage 2)

Notes: please book at first only the stage 1. You will receive a message and can choose where appropriate for stage 2. Please make your payments exclusively through the PayPal button below. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can very easily set up during the payment process. After payment you will be automatically redirected to another page with the addition of e-mail address to which you send your passport photo as a possible delay conditioning. Important! Please be sure to use the same email address that you used for payment.





































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"Die Natur ist nicht nur seltsamer, als wir annehmen, sie ist auch seltsamer, als wir annehmen können."  J.B.S. Haldane










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Liebes Team,

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Ein herzliches Dankeschön an Euch.
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"Wunder geschehen nicht im Gegensatz zur Natur, sondern im Gegensatz zu dem, was wir von der Natur wissen."   Augustinus


















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"Das physikalische Weltbild hat nicht Unrecht mit dem, was es behauptet, sondern nur mit dem, was es verschweigt"   C.F. von Weizäcker

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